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Human Capital Management

The system is designed to provide organisations with full-featured, web-based Human Resources and Payroll solution aiming to develop, manage, and make the HR Administrator's job easier by providing procedures and structure thereby eliminating the time you or your Managers spend on HR issues and problems. Moreover, this product may not only eliminate needless confusion about issues and save management time, it may ultimately result in an increase in employee morale.  


* Human Resources Solution FIT-HR ® 

* Payroll Management Solution FIT-Pay ® 

* Employee Self Services Solution FIT-ESS ® 

* Managers Self Services Solution FIT-MSS ® 

Major Features 

* Web based. 

* Flexible with any type of business and number of employees. 

* Fully bilingual (Arabic / English). 

* User friendly. 

* Standard button and navigation. 

* Backup and Restore facility 

* Advanced search capability. 

* Security and authorization access levels. 

* Independent hardware, operating system. 

* Integrated with Microsoft o_ce, PDF. 

* Rich reporting and enquiries. 

* Audit log and security feature.