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Track Asset

Used to track and maintain assets in an easy and effective way. Track Asset is a complete RFID tag enabled corporate asset tracking solution. The asset information is maintained in a host based database along with the corresponding tag identification number. The RFID tag label is affixed to the asset with a strong adhesive. If necessary, asset information like warranty, vendor, service dates etc., can be written to tag memory. The asset tag ID and details can be read by a RFID reader enabled PDA or a rugged hand held device with built-in tag reader.  

Some of the features of Track Asset include: 

• Host based asset database.  

• Browser interface for access in an Intranet or internet or VPN.  

• Hierarchical structure of assets to organize assets in groups.  

• Labels with Barcode or RFID inlay for long lasting and contact-less scanning of asset tags.  

• Read/Write service, maintenance or any custom information on RFID labels.  

• Warranties, AMC, Lease tracking possible.  

• With Track Asset, stock take and update can be performed by even an unskilled person.   

• Track Asset is flexible and completely automates the asset and inventory tracking.  

• Automated processing. 

General Features  

-Track physical assets using RFID, barcode or manual process
-Hierarchical structure of assets to organize assets in groups
-Physical stock check & location transfers using mobile units
-Preventive maintenance with custom task list and flexible scheduling
-Tracking of insurance, warranty, lease details with defined structure of partners
-Malfunction and disposal tracking with write-offs and re-use of spares
-Custom attributes and spares tracking on category or assets
-Can be used to track office furniture, IT assets, printers and other equipments
-Complete English/Arabic interface to address local users
-Integrated with BizTalk for scalability and to provide interfacing with all supported devices


Mobile Features  

-Associate tags with assets using integrated or snap on RFID, barcode reader
-Stock check and discrepancy reports with option to allow asset movement recording
-Scheduled location transfer verification
-Preventive maintenance tasks for assets automatically populated as user logs into the application
-Interactive querying to check asset status on the go