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Track Inventory

To support orders placed by customers and to reduce inventory costs, warehouse operations should know the level of items available in the inventory. Entities in the delivery chain also need to know the amount of inventory committed and what is available on hand. TrackInventory can help you track your customers, orders and inventory from a single dashboard. It becomes a challenge for any organization with such operations to not have a central system which has a holistic view of the status of the inventory available and standard integrated method of tracking inventory quickly and efficiently through their operations.  

General Features. 

                - Manage Customers, Suppliers  

                - Manage product details and categorization  

                - Integration with backend ERP systems  

                - Integrated with TrackVehicle to track delivery during transfers  

Warehouse scenario  

                - Streamline warehouse operations  

                - Create inventory based on PO, Manufacturing  

                - Item identification based on hybrid solution using barcode, RFID  

                - Bin to bin movements, internal transfers  

                - Sales Order for customer  

                - Validated order picking   

                - Pre-shipping order verification using RFID  

                - Shipping notice and extended delivery chain management  

Retail scenario  

                - Receiving at retail or other warehouse  

                - POS for retail counters  

                - Stock check  

                - Re-order and business intelligence based on analysis of goods movement