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Real Estate Management

The system is designed to provide customers with full-featured, web-based property management system which developed to handle all property management needs and to create a product that allows property owners to organize their properties, maximize profits and avoid costly management errors  

System Major features: 

·          Web-based system 

·         Bilingual system that offers its services in both Arabic and English languages, with the ability to add other languages. 

·         Multi company system with multi location properties 

·         Multi currency system 

·         User friendly 

·         User Customizable Menu 

·         High level of customization by enabling the user to customize system descriptions and messages 

·         Electronic archiving for Real Estate photos, charts, and documents. 

·          Detailed Tenants, vendors, technicians and customers profile 

·          Manage Rent Request applications 

·         Manage maintenance tickets 

·         Renting Contracts with Multi Location Capability 

·           Follow Up Maintenance Orders and preventive Maintenance 

·          Checks Management. 

·         High security access distribution via the administration management with distributing permissions and privileges. 

·         Has the ability to be conducted with web portal to serve the company customers and employees. 

·         Very organized work flow through the main modules in the system. 

  System Main Modules:  

·          Lease Management

·          Purchasing and maintenance

·          Marketing and Real Estate Sales

·         Real Estate 

·          Fixed assets

·          Inventory control

·         Receivable management 

·         Banking 

·         General ledger 

·         Administrator management 

·         Contact management