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PinSafe Information Security

PinSafe Information Security (User double factor authentication):  


The increasing use of remote access and web-based commerce has increased the need for convenient, cost-effective yet strong, authentication models.  Relying in a single factor of authentication, ie username and password, is no longer appropriate for many applications. 

This has lead to the increasing use of multi-factor authentication; whereby authentication requires to user to know something (eg a password) and possess something (eg some form of authentication token). 

PINsafe’s approach to two factor authentication has the advantage that the user does not need a dedicated authentication token.  Add to this the patented one-time-code extraction algorithm then PINsafe can provide strong, cost-effective authentication solution that is easy to use and to manage. 



Regardless of the user interface, PINsafe offers a simple, effective, secure and easy to use experience. 

  • User only needs to remember a simple 4 digit PIN.
  • User never enters their PIN number.
  • Credentials submitted by the user change at every authentication.
  • All interfaces are available as standard and are included within the standard license cost.
  • Different interfaces can be made available to different users, as requirements change,
  • PINsafe develops as your organization progresses. 
  • Cost effective – two-factor authentication without the need for a token.