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Track Service

Field force automation allows companies to optimize their process of send their technicians in the field for services. It involves intelligent scheduling, sending technicians to multiple locations and collecting data which fuels business decisions. It enhances customer satisfaction by accurate forecasting of schedule appointment and allows businesses to collect data which eliminates paperwork and guesswork in terms of actions to be taken. It can be tightly integrated with GIS systems to provide geographic visualization and location sensitive advantages.  

General Features  

                - Manage departments and employees  

                - Manage processes and forms for inspection  

                - Manage service men and their schedules  

                - Allow reschedule, change of schedule for servicemen  

                - Use mobile computers to equip technicians to collect data on site  

                - Enable servicemen to take decisions and record them on the field  

                - Automatically download schedules based on date and servicemen schedule  

Field service survey  

                - Supports capture of normal, multiple choice data  

                - Supports capture of GPS coordinate of mobile computer  

                - Supports image capture to record conditions on the field  

                - Forms, schedules and previous inspections are downloaded to the mobile computer to enable servicemen to conduct survey with view of all the information