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Time and Attendance Solution

A unique and most comprehensive solution combining both advanced hardware and software. Some of the system’s features:  

  1. Web based (English/Arabic) interface. 
  2. Multi user, Multi site. 
  3. Support for different shifts (Straight, Night, Plan, Contractor, Ramadan & Multi-shifts, daily, weekly monthly…) 
  1. E-mail and export options. 
  2. Customized authorization levels. 
  3. Public holiday & holiday bonus. 
  4. Built-in standard, customized and graphical reports & Performance Charts. 
  5. Export to PDF, excel, & text files. 
  6. Violation, overtime, unpaid time, business leave, sick leave etc... 
  7. Unlimited numbers of employees & transactions. 
  8. Database Independent 
  9. Can be integrated with any HR or ERP systems. 
  10. Report Customization  
  11. Can be integrated with any time device 
  12. Integration with HR and Payroll Systems